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Who has played the Wigi board and what happened 18
Posted: 2/15/2012 - 0 comment(s)
Did paranormal things happen to u or your Krib?

1. It's Ouija

2. Despite claims that it's somehow supernatural,orologio, it's not. The principles under which it works are well understood, and even when nobody is trying to cheat (which is a very common occurrence) it's still a scientifically understood phenomenon invonving subconscious muscle movements.

3. Here's an example where a Ouija board will always produce total nonsense: Blindfold everyone who touches the planchette, and have one independent observer (who cannot speak) write down the letters that get spelled out. It will be garbage every time unless someone's peeking.

Of course, I could always be a minion of Satan, trying to lure the innocent into the neverending black spiral of involvement in the dark side of. well, "Ouija Me" and I'll tell you the rest.

Yeah i tried it. Its just a piece of damn cardboard. Nothing happened. You just move it and trick people into being scared some people even trick themselves. Its peoples collective subconscious.

its ouigi. r u talking about form paranormal activity and the crib. its not just a crib it messes with. lol. i wouldnt mess with it though

It's ouija, and it's just a toy.

or is it?

Best Answer:
Not a thing happened. It is just a game. Some people like to think that it works, and so they let it play tricks with their minds. The ouija board is not paranormal and has no powers.
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